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Don’t compromise on quality.

There are many aspects of life in which cheaper, older, and frugal options can be a good thing. Your skin isn’t one of them. There are few things in life that affect how you feel, how you look, and your health as much as your skin. Don’t compromise on quality, don’t compromise on your health, and don’t compromise on how you feel.

Ergoline Affinity 950

The Affinity 950 Ultra Power comes standard with outstanding tanning performance and comfort features. 20 high-pressure lamps in the canopy and on the side plus 19 turbo power UV lamps in the base give a deep and long-lasting tan.

The facial tanners are equipped with efficient Ultra Performance technology and the shoulder tanners provide an even, all-over tan. The Temptronic climate control system gives your customers a cool and relaxing tanning experience. The stereo sound system will satisfy any audiophile with its high quality sound.

  • Advanced Performance (Turbo Power-Variante)
  • Ultra Performance Plus
  • Optimized Performance
  • Shoulder Tan: 7 x 25W
  • Air Condition PLUS
  • Comfort Cooling PLUS
  • Smart Control glass control panel
  • Comfort Pre-Select: Preselection of Comfort Exhibitions
  • Large Body Shape lying surface (208 x 90 cm)
  • 3D sound incl. Voice Guide, MP3 connection, Auto Play & Auto Volume

Ergoline Sunrise 480

The Ergoline Sunrise 480‘s tremendous tanning power makes it the envy of all other stand-up units. Generously equipped with 48 x 200-watt Turbo Power UV lamps that are 2 meters tall, it features a quick maximum exposure schedule and ensures total body coverage for your tallest tanners.

For music enjoyment, this unit is acoustically incredible. You will easily be able to hear music while maintaining a comfortable body temperature thanks to the Sunrise 480‘s Silent Cooling ventilation system. This system bathes the entire body in a pleasant flow of refreshingly cool air, yet is whisper quiet. All this takes the Ergoline 480 to extraordinary heights of performance.

  • Silent Cooling Ventilation System
  • Simple-To-Use Control Panel
  • 3D-sound with MP3 Dock-In and SD card slot
  • Comfort Cooling

Ergoline Essence 48

The Ergoline Essence 48 is a highly attractive addition to any salon thanks to its energy efficient Smart Performance technology, premium amount of interior space for comfortable freedom of movement while tanning and its choice of distinctively attractive outer designs. Highly efficient ballasts result in reduced energy consumption while still delivering an impressive 200 watts of tanning power.

Full-length handrails in the Essence make it easy for customers to stand in the ideal tanning position. The sound system, with connections for a headset and MP3 player, provides great entertainment. All functions are easy to set using the intuitive soft touch control panel and the top-mounted body fan ensures a pleasant temperature during the tanning session.

  • 44 x 200W
  • Smart Power
  • 2 Meter Lamps
  • Top Cooling
  • Single Sound
  • Sound Module with MP3-Connection

Ergoline Flair 32

The Ergoline Flair 32 series packs a lot of featurese. Engineered with excellent results in mind, its 32 UV lamps, which are 2 meters long in the canopy, and 3 x 400 watt glass reflector facial tanners provide a natural-looking tan that lasts. This “Level One” unit has comfort amenities that tanning clients rave about. For example, its comfortable Body Curve acrylic effortlessly supports you and places you in just the right position for an even distribution of UV rays. You will definitely appreciate the optional.

Stereo Sound Plus system in this level of sunbed and the Comfort Cooling ventilation supplies pleasantly cool air on the face and body area. In addition, the design of the Flair 32 is similarly up to par. This sunbed shows off with clear shapes and a beautiful décor to accent its true Ergoline style. Whether a new or regular customer, you will find plenty to like about this tanning bed.

  • 27 x 100W / 1 x 300W
  • Super Power
  • Ultra Performance
  • Full body Cooling
  • Sound Module with MP3-Connection

Tanning without the sun.

Platinum Glow is your premier spray tanning destination.

We use California Tan Sunless products to provide the perfect paraben free, alcohol free tan. Our solutions are enriched with Vitamin C and Aloe and designed to leave you looking your best. Our technicians are highly experienced professionals who are masters at giving you the most natural looking glow. California Tan is a natural Spray Tan that can last you up to 10 days.

Prepare for Sunless Treatment:


Exfoliate skin targeting dry areas within 24 hours prior to sunless session. It is important to remove dead cells for even coverage. Exfoliate lightly on delicate skin such as the face and neck.


Shave within 24 hours prior to sunless treatment. Shaving acts as an exfoliant, doing so after will prematurely fade sunless results.


Clean skin of heavy beauty products including lotion, sprays, deodorant etc. Any product on the skin will create a barrier.


Wear dark, loose fitting clothes. Solution will wash out of most fabrics except nylon and silk. Wear a pair of flip flops if possible.


Be happy in your skin.

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